Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drop Bear Review

  • When there was that moment of confusion with the terminology I was confusing the gap and the catch zone.
  • I am still not sure about the response i think it is a one drop flow grove.
  • I forgot to mention that this yo-yo is very stable and the only way to fix a bad throw is to recall it and throw it again.
  • This throw is defiantly worth the money.
Here are the pictures

Here is a shot with the grove and the response

Here is a shot of the bearing

Here are the specs

Here is a motion shot

Another motion shot 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review notes for Drop Brear

  • This yo-yo has a pretty nice bearing, it is a centro tac bearing however I do like concave bearings best.
  • It is has a pretty light feel to it and even though I typically like yo-yos with a heavier feel to them.
  • It is also bead blasted so it is not as smooth as a yo-yo that has a pyrite finish however it does grind quite well.
  • For those of you have seen my twitter page you know that I also throw a Toxic Hazmat and the Drop Bear is a little thinner then the Hazmat it has about the width  of the dv888 for those of you who have thrown that.
  • I've found that since it has a smaller width is you thrown say a double or nothing, and the strings are closer together it is alot easier to land it on just the string you want to.
  • This yo-yo really has a nice design, which you will be seeing soon because I have decided I will do a video review on it.